Top most beautiful cellphones

KDDI Penck by Makoto Saito
Yeah, this is my kind of phone. Isn’t it absolutely stunning? The PENCK phone designed by Makoto Saito is one and a half years old, but it’s still the most beautful phone ever made. The PENCK is available in three colors, metal, milk (white), and bitter (black). Too bad it’s only available in Japan.
LG KG-800 Chocolate

I have the pleasure of owning a LG Chocolate and it’s a pure beauty. I really love the design of it and it’s one of the most stylish phones you can get at the moment. This phone won the 2006 IF Design Award in Germany.
KDDI Neon by Naoto Fukasawa

The Neon is one of the latest phones coming out from the AU Design project at KDDI. It’s available in three colors, light blue, pink and black. It has a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, miniSD slot, music player, FM tuner and a 320×240 screen. I love the clean front of this phone!
Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a luxury phone that isn’t out on the market yet. It’s supposed to be launched early 2007 from a company called VIPN. On their site they promote a limited edition of the phone made out of titanium and with real diamonds – only $300 000. Crazy.
White Pearl

White Pearl is the little sister of ‘Black Diamond’ featured above. Although it doesn’t look that good in white, it’s worth an honorable mention.
Nokia 8800 Sirocco edition

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco edition hasn’t been officially announced by Nokia yet, so it will only get an honorable mention. It’s expected to have a 2 megapixel camera and all other standard functionality. It will be available in silver and black and will cost around $1000 (!) – quite expensive one.
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